Just when we thought everyone was getting in on the Harlem Shake craze, there's one guy who's shutting it down. Late night host Conan O'Brien showed exactly what happens when a member of his staff attempts to put together a "Shake" video -- they go to the Time Out Corner!

When asked on last night's episode of 'CONAN' just why writer Deon Cole was sitting in the corner, O'Brien showed a video that explained everything. Apparently, Deon got off easy, considering everyone else dancing like a maniac to the 'Harlem Shake' was fired. O'Brien claimed Deon was contributing to the country's "cultural, moral and financial decay" by adding onto the already too-lengthy list of Harlem Shake videos.

Regardless, that didn't stop the writer from busting out an oldie but a goodie -- Gangnam Style. You just can't keep a good dance craze down.

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