Big congrats are in order for five Temple Independent School District elementary schools for earning the Anti-Defamation League's “No Place for Hate” designation.


As reported on by FOX44 News, the five Temple ISD schools are Cater Elementary, Hector P. Garcia Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Kennedy-Powell Elementary, and Scott Elementary.


The “No Place for Hate” initiative is something every school should strive for. We should all join together to combat bias, bullying, and hatred.

Teaching kids how to treat each other with respect and dignity at an early age can help provide valuable lessons for the future. "No Place for Hate" helps communities create and maintain a positive environment for everybody, and the world could really use that right now.


Any school can can qualify by taking some simple and fun steps.

Create and build an environment where respect is the main goal.

Empower others to stand against hate and bullying.

Create new programs that engage in at least three anti-bias activities a year and unify the student body to stand against hate in all forms.

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The Temple ISD Board of Trustees recognized leaders from each school during a meeting on September 13, and presented each school with the “No Place for Hate” banner.

Great job to the schools that made “No Place for Hate” a priority! It seems like we grown folks are so divided right now, but if we can foster some goodwill between members of the next generation, maybe they can do better.

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