Some Copperas Cove residents recently fell victim to an iTunes support scam that's going around in Central Texas.

Residents are being warned by the police to be weary of any suspicious calls you may receive asking you to download TeamViewer Quick Support app from the iTunes store.

The victims thought that it was a legit call from someone with Apple iTunes Support.

According to News 10, hackers are offering up iTune gift cards if someone is willing downloading the TeamViewer Quick Support app, which they claim will allow them to track any possible fraud.

The two victims didn't receive the gift cards, but ended up actually purchasing gift cards. The TeamViewer Quick Support app then allowed the crooks to copy the numbers from those gift cards.

If you receive one of these calls, police are asking that you try and get a call back number.  Search Google with the number they give you to find out any contact information you possibly can and pass it along to police.

Police say it's never a good idea to download any software to a device if you get a call directing you to do so.

These kind of scams are definitely going on more and more it seems like.  If you're not 100% sure what you're downloading, don't do it.

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