The City Of Killeen announced more COVID-19 testing at the Killeen Special Events Center this week, located at 3301 S. WS Young.


Participants will stay in their cars and collect a nasal swab sample to submit for testing.


You should know the symptoms by now, but as a friendly reminder if you are suffering any of the following symptoms, you are encouraged to go get tested:


-Fever and/or chills
-Cough (dry or productive)
-Body aches/muscle or joint pain
-Shortness of breath
-Sore throat
-Nasal congestion
-Loss of taste and/or smell


It is also important for you to get tested, even if you don't display symptoms.


Everyone is required to wear a mask at the testing site.


You have to register ahead of time for testing by going to this link.


According to the Texas Department of Health Services website, as of 1-18-2021, Bell County has had over 16,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with the state of Texas having over 1.8 million cases.



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