A Central TX School district will now offer virtual doctor's visits for students!

When a child gets sick at school, it's typical for the school nurse to contact the parent and have them pick their child up, but with a new approach in mind, Salado ISD is looking to change a few things.

The school district is teaming up with Baylor Scott and White to offer pediatric clinic visits straight from the nurse's office.

If a child feels ill while in school, the nurse will set a virtual conference call with the parent and doctor to assess the situation further. According to KWTX, this new program will allow the school nurse to connect with parents and a doctor to determine what kind of care the student needs.

The two cool things that I love about the new program is

1) If it's something that could be treated right away, the child doesn't have to miss school, and the parent is safe to stay at work.
2) If it's something serious, students can begin treatment right away, and they have access to same-day appointments if needed.

I believe it's a brilliant idea, and I can see more districts adopting this program in the future.


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