CTX is showing out tonight!

I like to think that I'm always in my bag when it comes to picking good Bosslady Lounge questions but today I was reallyyyyy in my bag!

For the last few hours, the CTX has taken over social media with discussing the question and let's just say I am lovingggg it.

Have you ever wondered what turns the opposite sex on? Of course, you expect to hear some superficial answers like big butts and biceps...well shockingly a lot of people are turned on by things you would never imagine!

Check out what turns people on nonsexually ...

Name something non sexual that turns you on..#bossladyradio #bosslady #ctx #myb106 #hiphop #bossladylounge #killeen

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How real were those answers though! If you would like to jump in the lounge follow us on all social sites @myb106



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