Dak Prescott has been on schedule and even ahead of schedule with his rehab from last season's nasty ankle injury. Dak suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle back in week 5 last season.

The Cowboys struggled last year, but Dak certainly did not. He was on a record setting pace at the beginning of the season, but it wasn't enough to get W's for the Cowboys. They started just 2 and 3 despite Dak's big start. Once he went out, the wheels really fell off as Dallas lost four games in a row when Andy Dalton took over under center.

Last year was an important year for Dak as he was playing for a new contract. Despite playing just 5 games, his performance was enough to warrant Jerry Jones and the Cowboys giving Dak a huge contract worth $160 million over 4 years.

The extent of Dak's injury last season was bad. Really bad. So there had been concerns about his availability for this upcoming season. Would he be ready by the beginning of the season? It's looking like he's on track for that as he was able to be a participant in all the drills at last month's OTA's except for the full 11 on 11 drills. Head coach Mike McCarthy was asked about Dak's progress:

He hasn't missed anything that's been slated. He's doing a lot of extra frankly, so the anticipation would be for him to go every day is the outlook. We're not naive. It's just like any player that comes back from injury, especially a major joint injury. The first year back there's going to be some things you have to work through, but I would anticipate we'd start with him in full mode, get him into the team periods and get back to playing football.

When Dak was on the field last season, it wasn't the offense that was the problem. Well, unless you want to consider Ezekiel Elliott's fumbles. The defense was absolutely horrible last year. This offseason, the Cowboys have tried to address those holes, especially in the draft.

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