In the words of the great fictional character Indiana Jones, why did it have to be snakes? Central Texas, let me tell you that I’m a person who loves all creatures but snakes. I would love a lizard to death (which is practically a snake with feet) before an actual snake. These creepy-crawly slithering predators freak me out!

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As Texans we definitely find snakes to be a dangerous nuisance, but they do play a very important part when it comes to getting rid of certain insects and animals. The Lonestar State has roughly 75 snake species, but about a dozen are venomous.

Snakes are so alarming that I needed to know which parts of Texas have the most snakes and, of course, it would be smack dab in the Central region, and South Texas is the great place to find snakes. That's according to Texas Parks And Wildlife.

I know the saying if you don’t bother the snake, the snake won’t bother you,  I don’t care if the snake is venomous or not, I’m scared of them and it’s important to know what snakes are considered a threat to your life and your children’s lives. Here are the most dangerous snakes in Texas, so be safe and be aware.


Snake in a terrarium
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The copperhead snake most of the time can be noticed immediately from its chestnut or brown cross over its body.

Copperheads are usually found in rocky areas and wooden bottoms lands and they’re usually not really seen in dry areas. Have you ever heard the saying, "Not all that glitters is diamond"? That’s the same exact analogy you need to use with a copper head. The skin color of it is very beautiful and enchanting, but if you touch a copperhead it will try to kill you.


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The most frequent snake attacks that I’ve heard of in my city have involved rattlesnakes.

In Texas, there are two groups of rattlesnakes.

The Western Massasauga is a light gray with brown oval blotches that are 2 feet in length and are usually found in the grasslands, marshy, and swamp areas.

The other type of rattlesnake would be the Dessert Massasauga, and it’s a lighter color and more minor and is found in the lower Rio Grande valley and western panhandle. It’s not hard to know that a rattlesnake is close. If a rattlesnake feels threatened, you will hear the rattle of its tail from a mile away. It is by far the most terrifying and life-threatening moment you will have with a rattlesnake.


Snake, Cottonmouth, Coiled, Mouth open
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The cottonmouth is a heavy-body snake that averages about 3 1/2 feet in length and is found everywhere in Texas, but primarily in swamps and sluggish waters. In Texas, a lot of the attacks happen in the summertime when fishing. The fact that they masterfully blend in with their surroundings means it's easy to step on one and trigger an attack.



Even though I’m not a fan of snakes at all the coral snake is definitely one of the most beautiful snakes here in Texas. The coral snake venom contains neurotoxin so there is little pain and swelling and symptoms may not appear for hours at a time, but best believe once the Symptoms begin to be irritated, euphoria, drowsiness, nausea, headaches, vomiting, and difficulty breathing and paralysis Will be a factor and from what I hear it’s unnecessary pain that you just cannot imagine.



The water moccasin is by far the scariest reptile ever in my opinion. I’m so scared of water moccasins that the thought of them makes me nervous. Water moccasins are usually found in ponds, lakes, ditches, and canals all through Central Texas and along the gulf coast, these snakes can’t even bite you on the water and are very defensive and are probably the most aggressive species of snake that is. moccasin is very dangerous and non-forgiving please stay far away from him!

If you are a reptile lover, to each his own. When it comes to being a snake owner or any type of reptile wrangler, just keep in mind that these top five dangerous snakes are not pet material!

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