Much as 2014 shook the late night landscape with Jimmy Fallon's ascension to the 'Tonight Show' throne, 2015 will similarly upend the 'Late Show' as 'Colbert Report' host Stephen Colbert takes over for the retiring David Letterman. Colbert himself stopped by Letterman's couch today to talk about the transition, the first footage of which has made its way online!

Naturally, audiences will have to go through a period of adjustment, as Colbert's actual personality is so far removed from the ultra-conservative 'Colbert Report' persona he's become so closely associated with, something we suspect Colbert's differently-spectacled Letterman appearance was meant to herald the beginning of. CBS released the first clips of Colbert's Letterman interview, while the entire segment will air later on tonight.

Apart from Letterman's gratitude over CBS not hiring "another boob like me," and Colbert's subsequent insistence of being a boob of a different, snowflake-like variety, Colbert jokingly suggested his tenure as the 'Late Show' host would see him doing "whatever you have done," perhaps alluding to keeping a few of Letterman's trademark bits. Of course, given that Letterman and eternal bandleader Paul Shaffer have yet to set an official 2015 retirement date, few of the details of Colbert's 'Late Show' run have been set in stone.

You can check out the first pieces of Colbert's 'Late Show' Letterman interview above, and tell us in the comments what you'd like to see when the host of 'The Colbert Report' moves to CBS for his own 'Late Show' legacy!

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