Naya Rivera posted a photo of herself enjoying the beach on her Instagram, but her well-endowed figure had fans questioning whether or not the 'Glee' star had a little help in the chest department. Did the singer and actress get a boob job?

The beach photo is posted below and while Rivera has always boasted a curvy figure, she does look noticeably more busty in that image than she does in the one posted above, taken in July 2013.

However, while she just posted that beach photo, we're not sure exactly WHEN it was taken, deepening the mystery.

Nevertheless, the image sparked a storm of comments from fans, arguing whether or not Rivera went under the knife to enhance her chest, since her boobies, while lovely, are popping out of that bikini top.

Some claim she got a breast augmentation months ago. Others are vehement that she is au naturel. Then a few fans stated that they liked her better when she was natural.

It's a compelling debate. We'll let you guys look at the images and form your own opinions.

Whatever the case, there is no denying that Naya Rivera is a total babe.

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