Diddy's former bodyguard, Gene Deal, is claiming the music mogul helped get Shyne convicted for the infamous 1999 New York City club shooting.

Last week (March 13), Deal appeared in an interview on The Art of Dialogue YouTube channel. He was asked about the fateful night of Dec. 27, 1999, when Shyne was involved in a shooting while attending Club New York in Manhattan along with Puff and Jennifer Lopez. That night, a fight reportedly broke out in the VIP section after money was allegedly thrown at Diddy by another patron. Shyne, 21 years old at the time, pulled out a weapon and began firing into the crowd, injuring three people. Puffy and J.Lo fled the club and were later arrested with a concealed weapon in their vehicle.

"They came to Shyne and they asked Shyne for [$20,000]," Gene claimed. "They had somebody that was gonna make sure all of them got off. ’Cause they was not gonna agree to none of those charges, and they were on the jury stand. They were on the jury. Shyne may not admit to it, but he knows that to be true. This came from [Diddy's other bodyguard, Anthony] Wolf [Jones]."

Deal went on to claim Diddy urged witnesses that were brought to him to testify against Shyne. These witnesses, Deal claims, were not known to the District Attorney previously.

"The reason they got off was people was coming to Bad Boy security, Paul and other people, and said that they were there," Deal said. "So, they were giving them the [District Attorney's] and the lawyer's cards and telling them to go and make a statement. And some of those people making statements were making statements against Shyne."

"Listen to me, y'all heard it from me, but Shyne said it himself in his interview," Deal added. "'You supposed to be my brother and you got people testifying against me.' Those people were testifying. They were brought to Puff first, saying what they saw against Shyne, what they saw Shyne do. The D.A. didn't even know those people existed. Shyne said it himself."

As a result of the shooting incident, Shyne faced charges of attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and weapons possession. Diddy, who prosecutors initially tried to say fired a weapon as well, faced weapons possession charges stemming from the firearm found in his vehicle after the shooting. The cases went to trial separately in 2001, and in what some people deemed a foul move, Diddy did not put his high-powered lawyers on Shyne's case. Diddy ended up being acquitted of all charges. Shyne was found guilty of two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Shyne served eight years of his sentence and was deported to his native country of Belize in 2009, where he now holds a seat on the country's House of Representatives. Shyne and Diddy have since mended their relationship.

During an interview with Fat Joe in 2020, Shyne said Diddy apologized to him for how he handled the ordeal. “Puff apologized, he did apologize to me for that when we met in Paris,” Shyne revealed. “He did say that he could have handled it better, but he was under a lot of pressure from the lawyers to throw me under the bus. That’s exactly what Benjamin Brafman, Johnnie Cochran and the entire 'Dream Team,' that was their position. ’Cause Puff is a corporation, he’s a half-a-billion dollar corporation. So, nobody is gonna sacrifice the corporation for anyone else.”

Deal isn't the only former Bad Boy employee to recently call out Diddy. Last week, Ma$e dropped a diss song aimed at Puff called "Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies."

XXL has reached out to Diddy's rep for comment.

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