Killeen, Texas is quickly becoming a comedy hot spot thanks to great clubs like Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge. Big talent has been passing through here over the past few years, and the hits keep coming now that comedy legend D'Lai is set to take the stage.

Meet Comedian and Writer D'Lai

D'lai is, in my opinion, by far one of the funniest comedians that I have witnessed on stage. It's impossible to hear his act and not have tears in your eyes by the end. Not only is he hilarious, but he always tries to leave the crowd feeling motivated by the end of his set.

This man is extremely versatile too. Not only is he a comedian and actor, but he's also a writer who's performed or worked on some of the most beloved comedy shows of the past couple of decades, and he wrote for The Roommates, Dirty Cops L.A., 2 Minutes of Fame, and BET‘s Comedy View.

And, like any comedian worthy of legendary status, he was featured on Def Comedy Jam.

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D'Lai Is Coming to Killeen, Texas


This weekend April 1 and 2nd, D'Lai is coming to Central Texas to the Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge, 4505 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd in Killeen

Trust me when I say this man is going to put on a show for the city. I’ve seen him perform in Houston, and not only was there was a standing ovation, but we begged for an encore.

Thanks to Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge


This guy's talent is undeniable, and he has definitely built quite a career for himself!

I’m so confident that D'Lai is going to put on an amazing show, and we have to thank the good people at Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge for bringing yet another big talent to Killeen. Check here for ticket info, and I hope your sides can take it.

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