So obviously we are in the days where social media pretty much runs everything! No more going out and finding a bae when you can just add them as a friend and build up the courage to slide in them DM's.

So with me being the informative person I am, I decided I would help you DM go getters out and at least get you to second base in the network world. Now, Lately I've been seeing a lot of people screen shot their DM's (which is REALLY funny and LAME) but what I've been noticing is that people no longer have any originality. Below I have created a list of things you SHOULD NOT say or do in a potential bae DM's.

1) Do not and I repeat DO NOT start off the message with something sexual like "Whats good lil ma' you looking real thick in that last selfie," or "I'm trying to see what that mouth do". Like c'mon are you trying to scare the person off before you even get the first reply. If that is your intentions at least wait until you get the number.

2) Ladies DO NOT send a picture of yourself in panties and bra if you are expecting this guy to take you serious. If you are looking for something sexual then cool it will work but if not don't give off the wrong vibes.

3) DO NOT come off pressed. No one is attracted to a thirst bucket or semi stalker. Play it cool and ask simple questions! Simple is best.

4) DO NOT hound the person. I can not stress this enough- it's been plenty of times when a guy continues to write me although I've never responded to a single DM! Its creepy and it will land you on the block list.

5) DO NOT slide in someone's DM if you are currently in a relationship and you openly display it on social media. Its the perfect way to end up as the biggest clown on someone's TL. How many times have you seen a guy getting chewed out because some chick decided to air him out for being in her DM's while having a girl friend? Yeah way to many to count. Side Note- Fellas girls do things like that not because they want to embarrass you but because they want to show people they have the juice. I know it sounds petty but ladies love to show other women that they are what their boyfriend is looking at. Please do not embarrass your girl like that!

6) Ladies DO NOT send that one video where you playing in your hair, lip synching a song and smacking them greasy lips! You may look cute but please come with something original.

7) Last but not least Fellas leave the money pictures alone! Ladies do not want to open their DM's and see a picture of money and you spitting a corny pick up line! The good women cant be bought.

Now that you have a couple DM gems go out and be great.

=) Your welcome,

Sincerely, Bosslady.


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