Do red light cameras make roads safer?

Kathryn Scott Osler
Kathryn Scott Osler

I have always thought setting up those red-light cameras was a way cities make money off their citizens. For one, the technology isn't always accurate. There have been reports where the cameras gave out tickets to motorists that didn't deserve them.

Though they are outlawed in some cities, a state lawmaker in Austin wants to ban red lights altogether in the entire state of Texas.

Police say they make streets safer and changes driver behavior, noting that crashes at red light intersections decreased 33% last year.

Others for the ban, including Randall Kallinen, an attorney down in Houston, say every time the issue has been put up for a vote, almost 95% against the ban vote it out anyway. He also says there is no way to make sure the person ticketed was actually driving when accused of running the red-light, and that the automated ticketing system takes away the person's right to a full jury.

What do you think?

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