Every group has that one person that can be talked into do something that everyone else wouldn't consider.  In our group Aaron Savage has earned that moniker.  Today he drank a 26 year old coke, allowed me to video it, and survived to tell his tale...  I guess I should start this story at the beginning.  Today our engineer Doug asked me to go with him to a few of the transmitters, mostly to just move the heavy stuff for him, and I agreed.  Our first stop was the B106 transmitter, and as Doug was doing the work that needed to be done (the brain stuff), I changed the nitrogen bottle (the heavy lifting) and then started poking around looking for something cool to play with while I wait for him to finish up.  I found this old cooler, COVERED with dust, and thought if there is that much dust on it then they HAS to be something cool inside!  I could not have been more correct as when I opened it I found a bottle of coke from 1986.

Even though I was questioned MULTIPLE times by Doug as to my purpose of bringing this treasure back to the station, I carefully cradled my prize and stashed it in his truck knowing that something special would come from finding such a gift.  I began to formulate my plan on what to do with a 26 year old bottle of coke as we headed back to the Radio Station.

When we arrived back at work I was shocked by the lack of volunteers offering to get the prestigious opportunity to drink a 26 year old coke. I even upped the ante by offering a dollar to drink it... still no takers. Sadly I had just about given up on my original plan when in walked Aaron Savage.  With minimal peer pressure he opened and drank some of the coke.  I took the opportunity to video this experience.  The video is pure awesomeness!

He even took the time to further explain the taste of the 26 year old coke.

Please know that no radio station personnel were hurt in the creation of this video.  I even waited almost 24 hours before posting the video to check and make sure Aaron was feeling okay first.