Texas and wrestling go hand in hand. There's so much history that the state has with moments in the proverbial squared circle. One very famous family that resided in The Lone Star State was the Von Erich family.

The Von Erichs were a family of wrestlers. Father Fritz Von Erich and his sons Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris were all wrestlers. They earned tremendous success, however, the only living member of the family at the time of writing is Kerry.

The Von Erich family suffered many tragedies and while many remember them for their accolades in the ring, their story is one that many tell to families looking to be involved in the wrestling business. Numerous forms of media have covered the topic, including a documentary by VICE.

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According to both Dallas Morning News and MySanAntonio, Actor Zac Efron has been cast in the movie that will chronicle the Von Erich's rise and eventual effect on the history of wrestling. At the time of writing, who Efron will be playing in the film, titled "The Iron Claw," hasn't been revealed.

It will be interesting to see how the movie will portray the family. The family made its mark on wrestling history, but the cost seemed to be too great for any single person to bear.

This is certainly a film I will be interested in seeing in theaters. Do you have memories of the Von Erich family? Let us know via our station app.

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