The Texas High School football player who rushed the field and bulldozed the ref after being ejected will face assault charges.

By now you've seen the video of 18 year old Edinburg High School Senior Emmanuel Duron charge the field and run over the referee after being ejected from a game on Thursday night. If you haven't, check out the video above. Duron was escorted off the field by police and later charged with class A assault.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Edinburg CISD released a statement Friday morning saying, “The district has decided to remove the Edinburg High School football team from the playoffs after an unexpected incident involving a student that occurred during a football game on December 3, 2020.”

The assault charge came Friday morning from the Edinburg Municipal Court. According to NBCDFW, Duron was being held on $10,000 bond.

The referee was down for several minutes and evaluated for a concussion.

The player, Duron, was a star player for the Bobcats and earned the District 31-6A Defensive Player of the Year last season. Duron is also the Bobcats’ kicker and punter and a star wrestler for the school.

An investigation was opened by the Texas Association of Sports Officials, who called the assault "vicious and deliberate" and also stated that it was "not new to Texas football."

This young man's actions may have cost him any scholarship opportunities he had coming, and also his team's chance at a title.

Football is played with a lot of intensity, and sometimes it can be hard for even pro players to keep their cool, but the way the video looks, he was already off the field. He should have been able to control his actions and emotions better than he did. In addition to any punishment he gets, perhaps some counselling is also in need.

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