I’ve always believed that Mark Zuckerberg had issues. I mean, the guy started Facebook as a way to get back at his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him. In the years that followed, Facebook was called out for scandals involving misinformation, fake accounts and breaches of trust. Recently, there have been allegations that the social media giant has been spying on users’ voice messages, allegedly paying third-party contractors to transcribe audio clips taken from Facebook Messenger.

Privacy International found that both Maya and MIA, two menstruation-tracking apps, began sharing data with Facebook as soon as users installed the app on their phone and opened it, even before a privacy policy was signed.

According to a new report from the Britain-based privacy watchdog, details self-recorded by users in the app, included when the user last had sex, the type of contraception used, their moods and whether they were ovulating.

I find it interesting that last week (while Facebook is getting this sex history info) they launched Facebook Dating in the U.S., a matchmaking service that suggests potential love interests to users based on preferences, interests and Facebook activity. And possibly sexual activity.

Zuckerberg really needs to find a hobby.

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