Jacquees caused a big fuss when he made his King of R&B proclamation a few weeks ago, and he only added to that noise when he continued delivering covers of classic pop and R&B songs. Now, one fan has taken it upon themself to make sure the crooner stops.

Yesterday (Dec. 25), a man named Ricky Fields used change.org to start a petition to ban Jacquees from doing any more song covers. "As a Black Community, we have to figure out how we getting rid of Jacquees," Fields writes in the description portion of his page.

So far, Jacquees has delivered covers of Soul 4 Real’s “Candy Rain” and Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.”

Of course, the 24-year-old singer garnered a lot of controversy when he remixed Ella Mai's "Trip" earlier this year. Apparently, Jacquees' version was outperforming the original version of the song on several digital platforms.

However, Mustard, who signed Ella Mai to his 10 Summers label, had the song removed on all streaming platforms. The hitmaker released a statement on Twitter stating, that "When you monetize content you don’t own you are stealing and no one steals from 10 Summers."

As far as Jacquees performing song covers, you really can't stop him from doing that. But Fields, whether he's trolling or not, has created an effort to voice his disapproval with the Georgia crooner's song re-interpretations.

So far, Mr. Fields' petition has garnered over 27,000 supporters as he is seeking only 35,000 signatures.

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