The excitement of the 2014 BET Awards quickly diminished with violent outbreaks at parties celebrating the show.

According to the Associated Press (via ABC News), one person was killed and five others were injured in separate incidents that occurred before the BET Awards. Celebrities such as Lil Wayne and Chris Rock were expected to attend the celebrations, which were unaffiliated with the show.

The fatality and four of the injuries followed gunfire at a restaurant earlier today (June 29). Additionally, Billboard reports that yesterday a man was stabbed at a BET Awards pre-show party in Hollywood. However, BET is working to keep the rest of the awards show events safe.

"The network and all organizers will continue to maintain a safe environment for all planned activities," the Los Angeles police said in a statement.

Attendees at the 2014 BET Awards red carpet addressed the situation, with rapper Nelly saying, "you can't place [the blame] on BET."

Additionally, Ne-Yo explained that he feels safe at industry events, such as the BET Awards, saying, "I feel like the energy I give off is the energy I get back, and I don't give off that kind of energy."

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