Various sources are reporting today that one Fort Hood soldier, Spec. Jason Kane, 24, of Surry, Maine, was killed in a double motor vehicle accident on July 6th that left another soldier, Joshua Moore, 22, critically injured and in care at Scott & White Hospital in Temple.

KTWX reports that Kane and Moore were initially injured after they fell from the truck-bed while hunting feral hogs on private property near the Bell-Burnet county line. The driver, Jarrett Salter, 24, and front seat passenger of the truck, Taylor Gilmore, 22--both also active service members--turned the truck around when they realized the accident had taken place, and were en route to Metroplex Hospital in Killeen when the truck crashed on Maxdale Road.

No details have been released as to what may have caused the crash, but authorities have confirmed that the soldiers had permission to hunt on the private land. The driver and passenger were not injured.