Rap newcomer Fetty Wap has went from being a virtual unknown to an emerging star overnight. He got a chance to raise his stock even further with his performance of "Trap Queen" at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (Apr. 12).

During Fall Out Boy's performance of "Centuries," the New Jersey rhymer emerged on the MTV Movie Awards stage and joined the group for a guitar-charging performance of his hit single. Dressed in a black and yellow jacket and silver pants, Fetty Wap got the crowd hyped as he rocked the mic alongside FOB guitarist Joe Trohman. The Boombox's #NextUp artist did a phenomenal job and looked the part of a bonafide star with his assortment of jewelry.

New Jersey has a rich history of rap legends but is far from a hip-hop hotbed. Fetty Wap is looking to change that fact with his lively brand of rap music. Signed to Lyor Cohen's latest musical venture 300 Entertainment, Fetty Wap and his Remy Boyz clique is in position to truly place a stamp on the rap game.

The 24-year-old rhymer's performance at the MTV Movie Awards could net him even more potential fans as he continues to grow his brand as an artist.

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