It seems like only yesterday, we were at home watching five talented young ladies now known as Fifth Harmony — formerly known as LYLAS (and, for a hot second there, 1432) — performing live together for the very first time during Season 2 of X Factor USA.

Their (still amazing) rendition of Shontelle's "Impossible" quickly won over many of their earliest fans, but it was the wondrously over-the-top, Alice In Wonderland-esque rendition of Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen" that really sealed the deal. (Camila's oversized bow remains iconic to this day.)

Fast forward three years later, and's safe to say this quintet has come a long away since those X Factor days: The troupe has gone out on the road on several tours and, at long last, released their debut LP Reflection, notching a Top 20 hit this year that continues to be #WorthIt with each and every listen.

Yes, Normani, Ally, Lauren, Dinah Jane and Camila — 5H, for short — have certainly worked their way to the top in the past few years. And to celebrate their continued success, we're taking a look back at the girls' earliest moments in front of the camera as a troupe to the confident, BO$$-y bunch as we best know 'em today, from busting out their moves live across the country to joyously snagging awards left and right on stage.

Wanna feel like a proud Harmonizer? Check out the evolution of 5H up top, and watch how far the girls have truly come in such a very short time.

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