Oh nooooooo, guys, we've been caught!

It's been a good two years since our lives have changed and everything that we thought about cable has gone out the window.

The majority of everyone that knows about the life saver that we call a Fire Stick has become addicted to the small electronic that saves us a big chunk of change! Well, it maybe coming to an end!

According to sources cable companies have found a way to knock out the middle man and get back in our pockets.

Some jail broken Firesticks are programmed by a middle man company called "Kodi" this company ensures that we have access to the latest movies and tv series. Lately, this company has been going through problems with connectivity which is causing Firesticks to not work properly.

If you are experincing problems with your Firestick this may be the cause.

Let's just hope it's a hack that wont last long because Netflix and Chill will start to get expensive.

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