News 10 is reporting some great news for a Fort Hood soldier and his family this week as the second-highest honor possible in the United States Army was passed out to Sgt. Daniel Cowart.

Sgt. Cowart received the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery while on deployment in Iraq. Daniel told KWTX, "I’m still trying to soak it all in. I'm blessed and amazed that all my friends and family, all my army buddies and crew-mates are here."

Sgt.Cowart's story goes back to May of 2017 when he engaged with the enemy in Iraq during a vehicle stop. An insurgent wearing an explosive vest detonated an explosive that took Sgt. Cowart's leg and killed his lieutenant.

Michael Llanas was the responding medic that day. Michael said, "When I saw the explosion, it was like slow motion. I got out and training kicked in and I ran to my boy. It was a blur."

Cowart's bravery in confronting the person with the explosive vest saved the lives of his fellow soldiers that day. If given the chance, Cowart said he would do it all over again.
"I wouldn't hesitate. I would do the same thing, maybe a little bit faster."

Cowart has also received a Silver Star, and the Purple Heart for his military service.

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