The discussion to change the name of Fort Hood, Texas was underway earlier in the year of 2021. Many will recall the reasons for why the name change was put forth, as previously discussed here. Now the Army Base will bear a new name, with January 1st, 2024 being the deadline for the new name.

Original Concerns Over The Naming Of Fort Hood

According to KTWX and The Texas Tribune,  the Naming Commission, organized by Congress, was tasked with a simple goal: to suggest new names for bases that had ties to confederate generals. Whether it be the base being named after a general or having symbols representing confederate individuals. The commission examined the history of John Bell Hood, and determined that a new name for the base should be submitted.

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The commission put forth the suggestion of renaming the army base after General Richard Cavazos. Cavazos's merits were highlighted in the report by The Naming Commission, the following as an example of his time after retiring from active service:

"Never forgetting his Texas roots or his time serving there, Gen. Cavazos retired to his native state and continued to serve as a mentor to the Battle Command Training Program – an initiative to ready officers for combat leadership that Cavazos himself had started."

When Will The Name Change Take Place

As mentioned previously, Federal officials will have until the first day of 2024, January 1st, to change the name of the base. The suggested name is Fort Cavazos, as reported by KWTX and The Texas Tribune.

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