A Fort Worth, Texas woman was shot in the face after flashing her lights at an oncoming vehicle that had its high beam headlights on.

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The woman is expected to survive, but the family was left devastated.

Road Rage In Fort Worth

News 4 San Antonio reported earlier this week of a possible road rage incident that resulted in a woman getting shot in the face. It happened in Fort Worth in the early morning hours on Monday, July 4. Police say the woman was driving in a neighborhood and had flashed her high beams at an oncoming vehicle that had their high beams on.

Police believe that someone in that vehicle shot the woman in her face. The woman was able to drive herself to a nearby 7-11 and asked for help. She was taken to a local hospital and treated.

Police are still searching for the suspects.

Road Rage Is On The Rise

Road rage incidents have increased dramatically over the last several years. Jump on YouTube and search "road rage" and you'll get endless videos of everything from people flipping-off other drivers to fist fights in the middle of the road to people running their cars into other cars. In more extreme cases, people are shooting other people on the road because of a road rage incident.

Tailgating, illegally passing on the shoulder, horn honking, cutting drivers off, and yelling are all triggers that can lead to a road rage incident. According to NBC News, 2021 was one of the deadliest years on record for road rage issues.

Tips To Avoid Road Rage

The Texas Department of Insurance suggests a few tips on avoiding road rage confrontations:

- Avoid eye contact.
- Do not respond to aggression with aggression.
- Be tolerant and forgiving.
- Report aggressive drivers by calling 311.
- Call 911 if threatened.

It's Just Not Worth It

We all get angry on the road, especially in the summer heat. However, when you think about all the people in Texas who are probably packing a gun, is it really worth risking getting shot just because you flipped them off or flashed your lights?

At the end of the day, it's all about getting to your destination safely. If you've ever taken a driver safety course, you've probably heard that there are three types of drivers: children, parents, and adults. Children act like maniacs on the road. Parents try to correct the children by brake checking them, yelling at them, etc. Adults just drive defensively and focus on getting home not shot in the face.

It definitely takes a lot of self-control when someone's being an absolute moron on the road, but we've all got to try to be the adult in those situations and get home to our families.

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