Future doesn't play when it comes to people trolling him on social media. Recently, the Atlanta rapper allegedly told a woman to shut up after she accused him of having "freaked out demonic energies" in his studio.

On Sunday (Dec. 4), Instagram user Sydney Lanaé shared a screenshot of an alleged text exchange between her and Future who appeared upset by her intrusion. In the photo, Sydney seemingly is trying to inform the Atlanta rapper that his studio is possessed by demons. "You got all them freaked out demonic energies in your studio. Do better. Stay blessed," she wrote.

Future allegedly responded, "Shut your broke ass up hoe," to which Sydney replied, "Lmao damn not that."

"Praying for you [prayer hands emoji] you are one of my favorite artist," she continued. "Don't be mean. I'm not your enemy."

Sydney also went on Twitter to apparently throw some more shade at Future for his rude comment.

"My ppl keep calling me telling to watch what I say/ post on the internet so I don’t get canceled… canceled by WHOOOO I ain’t nobody [two smiling faces with open mouth] I'm going to say wtf I want on MY platforms. Idgaf who don’t like it. I'm a popular loner anyway," she tweeted.

"The problem is social media got people thinking they are more important than they actually are. I can post hella chaotic shit, turn my phone off and continue to live my best life IN REAL LIFE," she continued.

Sydney then added: "Trolling is so fun sometimes. Who gone check me boo?"

Sydney also posted some cryptic tweets along with two Future songs, "Use Me" and "Turn on Me," from his 2017 album Hndrxx.

"Men that disrespect women are gay bro. It’s so easy to spot a DL man. Y’all ain’t low lmao," she typed, adding, "Pluto loves women, he would never say that lol. Do y’all even listen to his lyrics fr????" [crying laughing emoji]

But Sydney wasn't done yet. The self-proclaimed "God-fearing" entrepreneur then hopped on Instagram Stories and a posted a series of biblical verses and Christianity-based idioms apparently aimed at Future Hendrix. See below.

Sydney Lanae trolling Future.
Sydney Lanae trolling Future on Instagram.
Sydney Lanae trolls Future on Instagram.
Sydney Lanae trolls Future on Instagram

Sydney Lanae doesn't offer any explanation on why she is trolling Future on a Sunday morning. However, it does reveal that social media can be a place where strange interactions can happen.

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