Everyone's commute is more expensive this week thanks to the steady rise in gas prices we've seen in the wake of last month's winter storm.

AAA reports that the national average gas price has jumped by around 40 cents. The Houston Chronicle reports that Texans are paying 42 cents more at the pump this week than last.

I saw a post today in which a Facebook friend of mine said she'd paid $50 to fill up her SUV.

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At my local Shell gas station, it cost me close to $30 dollars to fill up my car, and that's with a 5 cents per gallon reduction because I am a fuel rewards member.

I posted an article shortly after the winter storm reporting that gas prices could reach $3 by this summer according to estimates from GasBuddy. It looks like we're inching that direction.

A shutdown of Texas refineries during Winter Storm Uri is being blamed for the latest hike not just in Texas, but across the U.S. CNS reports that the effect is even being felt in California.

Of course, there are other factors as well. AAA reports a "major decline" in gas stocks coupled with increased demand. That second part isn't unusual for this time of year. It's Spring Break, and soon it'll be summer. More folks will be on the road, especially as more places open up and people begin taking vacations and road trips.

Sadly, not everyone will have the luxury of vacationing this year, as many are still feeling the negative economic impacts of both the ongoing pandemic and the aftermath of winter storm. Many of us are being very careful with our budgets, and a rise in gas prices just means one more thing to factor into that.

I recommend using an app like GasBuddy or AAA's app to see which places have the cheapest gas in your area. They can be a big help.

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