Talk about going through it. Despite being cognizant of his mistakes and quickly trying to quell his beef with Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson is now facing the wrath of the Wu-Tang rap vet, and now, a familiar foe.

On Monday (July 20), Action Bronson tweeted an apology to Ghostface Killah after the "All That I Got Is You" MC released a self-made, threat-filled video, in which Ghost verbally demolishes him with a warning that he'll "gut you like a pig." That harsh reaction stems from Bronson taking a jab at Ghost on ESPN's Sportsnation last month.

"When ur wrong ur wrong and I was wrong. I apologized for the comments. I'll always be a stand up human. Much love," the "Baby Blue" rapper tweeted after Ghost made his threats.

Instead of being remorseful and extending a potential olive branch to Bronson, Ghostface rejected the Queens rapper's apology, with a simple "No," during an interview with Revolt TV.

Another rapper whose had her own beef with Bronson is Azealia Banks, who chimed in on the subject and unleashed some vitriolic tweets aimed his way. "I would love to stab Action Bronson in his stomach and watch his guts spill to his feet. I hate bitch n----s," she tweeted early Tuesday (July 22) before deleting it.

"But remember when action bronson had all that mouth to insult me but now that ghostface pulled his card, he's mum," she continued. Banks is referencing her Twitter war with the Mr. Wonderful creator last year. The two bumped heads after she allegedly called him out for wanting to get busy with her. "u just mad i have old dm's from when you were begging to f--- me fat boy," she tweeted in 2014.

Bronson hasn't responded to either rappers' newest remarks.

Take a look at Azealia Banks' scathing tweets below.

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