Well, it's official: road rage in Houston has gotten so bad that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had to intervene.

Road rage can be an issue everywhere you go, but in Houston it's gotten so bad that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has finally had to step in and do something about it.

KHOU 11 reports that according to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, 200 road rage incidents have already occurred in 2020 with 6 fatalities.

Abbott announced Wednesday that he's directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to deploy more units to Houston in response to a growing number of road rage-related shootings in the city.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg says, "This is an extreme effort on the part of our law enforcement to go out and catch people. Before it's been fairly random. Now our law enforcement is proactively looking for people out there on the roadway committing crime."

Ogg also says that the district attorney's office will look for harsher punishment, including taking the vehicle away from those who for those involved in violent road rage incidents and other incidents.

"Whether it's rage or not, if a gun is involved, that now means that the legal act of carrying a gun when combined with the reckless driving is a criminal offense, for which you will go to jail," Ogg said. "If you use that weapon and threaten or shoot at another person...then you'll be prosecuted for those more heinous crimes. But just because of the fact that you're taking a risk using a gun, endangering people's lives, allows the district attorney's office under the law, submits a vehicle to forfeiture as a criminal instrument."

If you've ever driven in Houston, you know how chaotic it is and how short people's tempers can be. That can also be the case anywhere along I-35, as those of us in Central Texas know well.

Houston is among several cities in Texas to see an increase in road rage incidents. Some believe it has something to do with rising tensions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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