Want to make sure your family gets their fair share of Christmas Dinner?

Charge them!!!

Fox News reports that a grandmother over in England is charging her family $45 a head if they want to eat at her house for Christmas dinner.

She says she's "not being tight" with money it gives her an opportunity to spoil her family with more gifts for the holiday.

Doesn't seem like a bad idea though right?

Especially when you encounter that family member or members who like to take home plates of food.

So that friend that you are bringing over for dinner that you work with that doesn't have anywhere to go for Christmas?

Your new boyfriend?
Sorry sweetie he got to pay and you do too...

Personally, I think grandma is pocketing that money.

And then if you think about it.....

They have to pay her to eat at her house for Christmas and the money goes toward paying for gifts for THEM.

Good idea though, let's make this a tradition because G- Momma is definitely gettin over! LOL...

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