Bad news for those looking to stock up on items (and Brisket) from H-E-B.


In a press release sent out on Saturday, the grocery chain announced that they will be placing temporary purchasing limits on a few of their non-food items and brisket.

HEB says this is to help protect the supply chain in Texas and that limiting product purchases has been a proven way to ensure the best service and product availability for all of his customers.

They said their stores are in strong supply and they will continue to restock products daily.

Here is a list of a few items that will now have a temporary purchase limit on them:

All H-E-B stores

Bath Tissue Multipack – limit 2
Bath tissue singles – limit 2
Paper towels – limit 2
Acetaminophen – 2 items total (includes baby, trial and travel sizes, OTC)
H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid 50ct and larger – Limit 1
H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid smaller than 50ct – Limit 2
Disinfecting & antibacterial sprays – 2 items
Disinfecting & antibacterial wipes – 2 items
Trial and travel size disinfecting & antibacterial sprays/wipes – 2 items
Hand sanitizer – 10 items
Hand soap – 4 items

And more!

Go here for the full list


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