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I've been a faithful Twitter user since 2008 and have seen many things and been involved in many a night of viral fun but last night I had to put someone in check for what we call "clout chasing". I'll explain that in a minute.

Politicians have taken to social media recently to get their messages out as they hit the campaign trail. Its pretty much essential to your campaign to have one. But due to the rhetoric and total disregard of civility by a few major politicians through their usage of social media, a lot of these folks running for office are doing themselves a HUGE disservice by being in these spaces. I don't need to mention any names in particular but Twitter does them more damage than good. So in this article I will give you ONE example of how such buffoonery can make yourself looking dumb.

Recently, R&B star Lalah Hathaway was on twitter when candidate Errol Webber who is running for a Congressional House seat out of California, decided he had a problem with some tweets the singer sent out to someone else so instead of minding his business, he chose to "clout chase" and criticize her.

Here is where Mr. Webber screwed up. If you know your music history, Lalah's father was the famed Donny Hathaway, who despite his success dealt with mental health problems that lead to his suicide in 1979. For Webber, a "cinematographer" seeking office, it was a rather low blow to invoke his name into a "twitter" beef.

This is where "clout chasing" comes in. "Clout Chasing" by definition is the act of trying to feed off others popularity to benefit themselves by starting beef. Webber is clearly using this moment to "clout chase" and he had to get checked for his wackness.

So I just posted a fact:

What I posted was Mr. Webber's results in the March Primary in his district where he was clearly dominated by the incumbent Rep. Karen Bass who just so happens to be on the shortlist for Vice President with Joe Biden. His November runoff with Rep. Bass will likely end in resounding defeat, but Mr. Webber has time to TROLL instead. Says a lot.

Mr. Webber has 70,000 plus Twitter followers but couldn't muster up more than 12,500 REAL VOTERS to vote for him. This is what's wrong with politicians today, too busy trying to be cool on social media instead of showing leadership and showcasing their ideas.

In the Twittersphere, when you slap someone with facts and they can't respond nor don't know how to, expect to get what we consider a SUPREME HONOR: Blocked.


I thank you Mr. Webber for the honor of "blocking" me, now get out there and go try to drum up some votes so you can make it at least look close my guy. I just blessed you with some "clout".


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