I woke up with this energy today as I was scrolling on Facebook and saw a dummy who was on Facebook live recording his interaction with people at Family Dollar.

He went on for at least 10 minutes going back and forth with the workers at the store who were just doing their job asking him to wear his mask.

He kept saying it's stupid it won't stop the spread of the Coronavirus etc...

He'll end up being one of the ones who contract COVID-19

Is it that serious people??

Wear the damn masks!

It takes two seconds out of your life to put the thing on.

If you don't have the symptoms and have it you can carry it to others whose body may not be strong enough to withstand the virus.

What’s really crazy is these people leading these crusades and marches in efforts to not wear the masks.

KTSM reports that in El Paso angry customer got confrontational with a local business owner who threw a box of donuts at them in retaliation for being asked to wear their mask.

Get this, after she threw the donuts they asked for a refund! LOL


Lauren Keener of Dapper donuts in El Paso said the customer demanded a refund after he was told he couldn’t receive one, grabbed a mug and took it as payment for not receiving a refund.

The Nerve!


Seriously people just wear the damn masks!

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