I love watching the TikTok videos where the person has the cool background that pops up and they crack jokes on someone.

The state of Texas' worst cities as described by this guy is what has me laughing.

While we were ranked top 5 places to live in Texas, this particular TikToker also thought Killeen was one of the cities you don't want to visit.

Of course, our home ground of Killeen made the list (the reasons are hilarious by the way, and true lol). The other cities he named and the reasons are just as funny.

He mentions that Huntsville, Texas has very big trees and an enormous statue of Sam Houston, but he also mentions the penalty for touching the statue!

How he describes Cleveland Texas may be accurate, and he provides life-saving information on how to be cautious of a certain city in Texas if you are traveling at night.

Check out the hilarity for yourself:

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