Today (Jan. 20) marks a changing of the guard in the United States as the presidency is handed over to Donald Trump. It as well is the official end to Barack Obama's eight years in office, many in hip-hop thanking the 44th President via social media.

Obama's time in office was marked by an unprecedented embrace of all things hip-hop, many rappers invited to the White House for various parties and initiatives. In the past year, Barry O has released a number of personal playlists, hip-hop appearing on each. His love and appreciation of the genre was apparent throughout his two terms. In 2008, he brushed the dirt off his shoulder in an homage to Jay Z. In 2011, he invited Common to the White House to recite poetry. He has in recent years expressed an admiration for Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Chance The Rapper and other leading acts.

To recognize Obama vacating the presidency then is to understand the special platform he gave hip-hop music and the people who create it. Some are playing Jeezy's 2008 single "My President" to remember Obama's tenure as the country's first black president. As seen in the Instagram posts below, some are as well keeping it simple, Top Dawg Entertainment and E-40 among those simply telling Obama "Thank you."

Catch more farewell posts below from such figures as Swizz Beatz, T.I., Boosie BadAzz and more. Many as well reacted with sadness and gratitude earlier this month when Obama gave his farewell address from McCormick Place in Chicago.

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