Issa Rae loves hip-hop, and hip-hop loves her right back. The star, creator and co-writer of HBO's Insecure has injected the culture into her show by prominently featuring artists like Cardi B, City Girls and Rico Nasty in the show's music. Issa's lead character, a fictionalized version of herself, even vents in private via rapped freestyles (and occasionally in public—cue "Broken Pussy," an open-mic night gone wrong in the series' pilot episode).

The Los Angeles native has been seen her connection to hip-hop grow more and more since launching her relatable story of a young black woman living and loving in the City of Angels. Last year, she co-starred in Jay-Z's "Moonlight" video, which recreated an episode of Friends with Black Hollywood's rising stars. She followed that up with an appearance in Drake's "Nice for What" visual earlier this year. But rappers have been including her in their actual lyrics, too.

A litany of rappers have shown Issa love, from Common on his remix of Solange's "Cranes In The Sky," to Wale on "Black Is Gold." Aminé doubled down by featuring Issa Rae in his "Spice Girl" video, then rapping about her on the track "Squeeze." The 33-year-old actress is huge in her own right, but has transcended her show—she has a place in hip-hop culture and got there by being herself.

Once rappers start bringing your name up on wax, you've officially made it. Check out the rappers who have name-dropped the multitalented star in the list below.

  • "Black Is Gold"


    "God true, hey miss Issa Rae/Beautiful Senegalese, leader with shit to say/We should meet today, maybe out at Best Buy/#LawerenceHive, still I'm proud, Issa's a savage" —Wale

  • "Cranes In The Sky (Unofficial Remix)"

    Solange Featuring Common

    "That pain come up on you like a thief in the day/Searching for the sun, I found my Issa Rae/Insecurity cold, imperial robes/I used to wear my heart open like Ethereal Rose" —Common

  • "Every Kind of Way (Wale Remix)"

    H.E.R. Featuring Wale

    "But don't mess with the strippers/With pistols in they Goyard/Sophisticated or the ratchets/I can't ignore both/The Issa Raes and Lisa Anns/Its insecure now/I can see your plans for us" —Wale

  • "God Speed"

    Royce 5'9"

    "And all I see is prayer 'round the streets today/I'm about a freak away from havin' Issa Rae eatin' out Lisa Raye" —Royce 5'9"

  • "Head Games"

    Sylvan LaCue

    "Insecure, insecure, you're more Issa than a Shaya Bin scripture/Serving warrants everybody's going lazy/I supported, all you niggas look like Lawrence/I've been doin' this since niggas ripped from torrents" —Sylvan LaCue

  • "Heirlooms & Accessories"


    "All of 'em get to moving so you moving/Swindling a store like swindling an award/I'm, more Issa Rae, if we're sorta the same Imma support/And carry all of that with me to the door" —Skyzoo

  • "Janis Ian Dyke"


    "I know bitches wanna be me, insecure like Issa Rae/I mean okay, let’s see what broken pussy bitch I gotta block today" —Bbymutha

  • "One Mo Gin"


    "You insecure like you Issa Rae/At Diamond work the pole like you Lisa Raye/Check the status, Louis bag is what you need today" —AD

  • "Pinata"

    Mike Floss

    "Insecurities will show/Issa Rae come on tonight/Take my hand it’s a go" —Mike Floss

  • "Squeeze"


    "Traitors treat you like a reaper, RIP Kenneka/Practicing this verse up in the mirror like I'm Issa/ I'm frank like Aretha, I'm dank like your reefer" —Aminé

  • "Nonchalant"


    "If you down and you need a lil' help, it's a way/If you hatin' and you feelin' insecure, Issa Rae" —6lack

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