Remember when fish tales were a thing?

Someone would tell you about the huge fish or weird thing they caught on the lake, and you'd have to either believe them or call them out on their BS.

Today, everyone's carrying a camera. There's a burden of proof.

People may not have believed Chase McCray of Houston if he hadn't filmed his bizarre catch earlier this month.

KTRK-TV shared the story. McCray was fishing in Copperfield Place, Harris County when he reeled in a real whopper. The problem is that someone else had their eyes on that prize as well.

A snake had its teeth sank in the fish and its body coiled around it. McCray filmed his crazy catch for the record, then pulled out his handy knife and separated the animals. He then released them back into the river.

I haven't been fishing in a while, but I feel like going now. I want to see what sort of weird stuff I can reel out of Lake Belton.

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