Houston Judge takes petty to a whole new level!

After finding out he wasn't re-elected for another term, a Houston judge released at least 7 juvenile defendants that appeared before him, as long as they answered no to the question, "If they planned to kill anyone?"

Although a Houston district attorney said such a move would  "put the danger in public",  I look at it as a good deed the judge has done to give these troubled youth a second chance at society........

Yeah right....he's big mad LOL....

The day after he and 58 other Republican justices were replaced by Democrats, in local elections Judge Glenn Devlin decided to turn his petty all the way up!


According to reports, the outgoing judge also rescheduled all of the cases to the first week of January 2019 when the new Democratic judges are sworn in.

The ACLU is calling for an investigation on the matter, but legally it's all within the law.

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