I was having a conversation with Boss Lady the other day when Cardi B. announced that she had a new single dropping today.

I said she had better drop something!

Because Megan Thee Stallion is killing it right now and has been the past 2 years!

Then I told her she was smart to do "WAP" with Megan to show the world she still out there.

Then we talked about Kashdoll. and how she was supposed to be "the next one" and that she needs to get her arsh in the studio and get off the gram in her panties!

Exhibit A:

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Fine and Chocolate!

She's on 50 Cent's new show  "Black Mafia Family", so maybe she’s put down the mic and picked up the script.

But still....take the pics (please), but go in the studio!

I also told her that Mulatto is coming hard as well.

There are lots of female MC's doing major things.

Back to Cardi B!

She dropped the new single entitled "UP" yesterday and I can’t lie, it’s a Bop!!

And the video helps the song!


You will definitely hear this new song from Cardi. B all weekend long on B106! 


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