Ice Cube may have a bone to pick with Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie mogul who is about to go trial for his alleged sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

Recently, the Death Certificate artist slammed Weinstein for his allegedly unscrupulous business practices when it came to his 2009 film Janky Promoters. On Wednesday (Jan. 9), Cube jumped on Twitter to respond to a fan who said that the film was “the funniest underrated movie ever.”

“This movie is bitter-sweet for me. We never had a chance to finish or promote Janky Promoters," he tweeted. "Harvey Weinstein and his brother put this movie out on DVD behind our backs before we could finish the film. They actually had editors finish the movie in secret." Cube ended his tweet with the hashtag #JankyStudioHeads.

For those who haven't seen the movie, Janky Promoters stars Cube and comedian Mike Epps who play two young promoters that get into hot water after they book Jeezy for a show and their plans go awry.

Cube also revealed that he tried to find the directors' cut so he could salvage the film."Search for the directors cut. My attempt to salvage the movie... Its much better to me. Very underground. Not released in too many places," Cube tweeted.

Ice Cube has been making power moves in Hollywood for over two decades with his production company Cube Vision. The rapper-actor is currently working on a script for the final Friday movie, which is tentatively called Last Friday.

"We haven't got the money, they haven't cut a check [for the movie budget], but they're moving in the right direction," said Cube. "They told us, 'Man, just bring us a script man and let's do it.' So that's what we're working on. Just making sure it's funny and up to date."

You can read Ice Cube's tweets about Harvey Weinstein below.

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