Our listeners got pretty excited when we announced the American Idol auditions coming to Waco, but what surprised me was the number of folks over the age limit who wanted to audition for a chance to compete on tv.

The eligible hopefuls showed up in the hundreds on Tuesday at the Waco Convention Center and sang their hearts out from 9 to 5 yesterday. Rissa Shaw with News 10 reports there was plenty of singing in line while the hopefuls got registered as well as for the casting directors and the producers. Contestants got placed into groups of 5 for the first round.

It's a 22 city tour for the 'American Idol' bus and while contestants don't get to sing for Luke Bryan himself, they did get a chance to set out on that path by attending these bus stop auditions. One KWTX employee even advanced to the next round. Congrats to Nicholi Martinez!

Martinez must now wait for further instructions from the Idol judges. Contestants had to be between the ages of 15 to 28 to audition for this round. Idol also said you can not have made it into a top ten in any previous audition round to participate this time.

We'll have to wait for season 3 to begin on ABC to know how it all plays out for the Waco contestants.

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