Here we are at Jerry's World where the Temple Wildcats face off against Manvel in the State Quarterfinal where the Elite 8 will become the Final Four by the end of the day. So stick around for our 2-hour pregame show followed by kickoff, which is expected to be around 9 p.m.

And don't forget to check back here for scoring highlights.


M1:  Manvel takes the opening kickoff.  CATS elect to defer.  Kick lands outside of the endzone. Touchback. Manvel goes 3 and out.

T1:  CATS make a first down, at the Manvel 45.  Flag puts the ball on the Manvel 37.  Flag on the CATS.  Bad snap, so lucky for the CATS.  CATS get down to the Manvel 33, turn it over on downs.  CATS proving they can move the ball.

M2:  Driving in the CATS end of the field.  CATS pressuring the QB.  Manvel drives to the CATS 25, and the CATS INTERCEPT THE BALL!!!!!!!!  RUN IT OUT TO THE 31!!!!!!

T2:  CATS into Manvel's end of the field.........  CATS draw first blood with a 29 yard field goal.  CATS up 3-0, 0:46 in the 1st quarter.


M3:  CATS force Manvel to punt.

T3:  CATS forced to punt, punt by #9 Wiley goes out at the 4.

M4:  Manvel slowly working their way up the field.  Manvel puts together a sustained drive, score the short TD to go ahead 7-3 with 7:38 in the 2nd.

T4:  Touchback on the ensuing kickoff. CATS start at the 25.  CATS drive down and score 6!!!!!!!!!  Miss the PAT.  CATS go up 9-7!!!!

M5:  CATS force Manvel to punt.

T5:  CATS throw the INT.  Manvel takes over at the 50 after a personal foul.

M6:  CATS D forces Manvel to 4th and 17.  Manvel goes for it, and throws the INT!!!!!!

T6:  CATS ball on the 50 with 0:46 in the half!!!!!  CATS punt.  Ball goes to the Manvel 1.

M7:  CATS get the safety!!!!!!!!!!  CATS go up 11-7.  0:15 in the half!!!!!


T1:  Manvel forces the CATS to punt from their own endzone.  CATS punt to the 40.

M1:  Manvel takes over at the CATS 40.  CATS hold Manvel to a field goal.  Score is 11-10, 7:24 in the 3rd.

T2:  CATS drive down the field and score the TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!  CATS go ahead 18-10!!!

M2:  Manvel takes the ensuing kickoff to the house for the touchdown.  Extra point is good.  Score is Temple 18 Manvel 17.

T3:  CATS at midfield after a few plays.  Manvel forces the CATS to punt.

M3:  Manvel with a 75 yard touchdown pass.  Manvel goes for 2.  No good.  CATS D holds.  Manvel goes ahead 23-18. End of the 3rd.


T4:  CATS take the kickoff to the 30.  CATS drive all the way down and throw the interception in the endzone.

M4:  CATS force the 3 and out.

T5: CATS drive all the way down and score the go ahead touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  24-23, 3:03 in the game!!!!!!!!!!