Are y'all seeing this right now?

Instagram can't be serious. I am in total disbelief that when I woke up this morning and clicked on my IG app for my morning lurk lol there was a BIG change!

So get this many people are in a uproar because Instagram decided to "copy" SnapChat's idea. Lately, snapchat has been receiving a lot of love for the concept of you being able to post videos that will only last for 24 hours. How convenient right? Well I guess IG wasn't feeling the love snapchat was receiving so the creators decided to steal the idea.

Yes, you read correctly. The feature has now been added to IG. At the top of everyones home page there is an option for you to watch different users videos for 24 hours...but wait there is more! You also can see who all watched your IG-Chat (talk about disappointed).

I am highly upset! Instagram can stop with all these updates!

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