Everybody's a critic these days, and if you dare even think about thinking—or wearing— something slightly outside of the mainstream zeitgeist, you best be prepared for a vicious stream of insults. Fortunately for Young Dro, he actually seems to have this boundary-crossing relatively unscathed.

Recently, the Atlanta stalwart posted a photo of himself rocking a colorful outfit—which looks an awful lot like a romper—and the web went crazy, with people throwing just as much shade as they did compliments. "Young Dro looking like a hidden character trapped inside a tropical Skittles bag," wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user took the shade-throwing a bit further, saying the T.I. collaborator "out here looking like an locked Mortal Kombat character 😭😂😂." Sheesh. As we alluded to, though, not everyone was out to bash Dro. Some people even seemed to feel people were just hating.

"I'm jus gonna ignore this Young Dro slander, I have laughed enough... What is the game coming to smh," wrote one over-it Twitter user. "Young Dro never been afraid to wear bright colors and I love it," wrote another.

Today, XXL takes a look at the full spectrum of reactions to Dro's outfit. See Dro's get-up, what Just Blaze has to say about it and what the internet thinks by taking a look at the tweets and our gallery below.

See What the Internet Has to Say About Young Dro's Outfit

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