The B106 people have spoken, and pumpkin pie is not invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

That's according to a very scientific poll we took on Facebook Thursday.

According to the votes, 12 people want pumpkin pie outta here, while only 2 wanted to scrape the pecan pie in the trash.

The comments section was another story. Pumpkin pie was again the loser, but one listener wasn't feeling either pie and wanted to throw out both. She prefers sweet potato pie and Dutch apple pie.

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Personally, I'm a huge fan of pumpkin pie. I love the hint of spice and the taste and texture, while pecan pie (to me, anyway) is a little too rich and sweet.

So, if I had been eligible to vote, pecan pie would be out in the cold.

Neither is my favorite pie, though. I'll take a slice of key lime or chocolate satin pie, please. I'm pretty sure neither existed during Pilgrim times, but they were eating venison, shellfish, and berries at the first Thanksgiving so I'm not too worried about it.

At first I thought the poll results and comments just meant people were being patriotic. After all, the pecan tree has been the official tree of Texas since 1919. Nope! It looks like you guys really just don't like the taste of pumpkin pie. That blows my mind!

Here's the part where I say "granted, only 14 people voted"...

Granted, only 14 people voted, but pumpkin pie was the clear loser in our scientific poll.

So, I want to take one more poll on this. You can vote below and let us know if pumpkin pie can pull off a miraculous upset, or if pecan really is king of the Thanksgiving dessert table.


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