The website recently posted a list of the Top 10 pizza places in Texas! Guess what? One of those places is right here in Temple!

Being a guy who grew up in Chicago (Pizza City), I know really good pizza. Now Italiano's is New York Style Pizza but I thought I could handle it. No surprise as the video indicates above, it's awesome!

The cafe is cozy and comfortable, the staff is friendly, and the food was fantastic! The pizza arrives at your table by the slice. You can order whole pizzas to eat in or take out, and the menu is stacked with favorites from Calzones to Baked Ziti.

It reminded me alot of the pizza chain Sbarro. Now, some people either love or hate Sbarro. I'm a fan so I loved Italiano's. It's a great pizza stop with it's own special twist. Check out the photos of the cafe below, and be sure to pay your respects to "The Don" when you walk in. Very cool of them to offer freebies to military in uniform, and members of law enforcement

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