Filling up your car or truck with gasoline is a necessity for most people in Texas and across the country. Yes, we know that electric vehicles are becoming more popular but a majority of Texans still rely on gasoline to get to work each day. So, with gasoline being a necessity, what day of the week is best if you need to fill up your tank?  

Most people in Texas have the same routine and that is to wait until you need gas and fill up the tank. But if you knew that filling up the gas tank on a specific day would save you some money, would that be enough incentive for you to change your routine? Because there is an article discussing what day of the week is the best to buy gasoline, and we’re all trying to save money, so I wanted to make sure you know about it.  

What Days Are the Most Expensive to Buy Gasoline in Texas 

The smart people over at GasBuddy found that Monday normally offered the lowest price for gasoline with Friday also being another option if you’re looking for the lowest gas prices. 

The Most Expensive Days to Get Gasoline in Texas 

If you’re needing to fill up your gas tank and don’t want to pay a little extra, you might want to avoid pulling up to the pump on Thursday’s. Besides Thursday being expensive for gasoline, Wednesday is the second most expensive day of the week to fill up your tank. 

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So, remember, fill up on Monday or Friday if you want the cheapest gas prices. And don’t overfill your tank as it’s bad for your vehicle.

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