One thing Texans take a lot of pride in is owning a piece of land. Doesn't matter if its in the city or out in the sticks, knowing that plot of dirt, grass and trees is yours is pretty cool. The downside to land ownership is that you may have a neighbor who is super anal about the property line which can turn into a very annoying problem. If there is no fence to separate the properties and you mow three inches to far, that neighbor could come out screaming. But is it illegal to mow a part of your neighbor's yard in Texas? Let's take a look at that question.

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My Personal Story

Many years ago, I rented a house in Tyler. On one side was a retaining wall that separated the property from the neighbor. On the other side was a downslope that leveled off onto the neighbor's property. I had a general understanding of where that property line was and would mow accordingly. One day, me and that neighbor were talking and I brought it up that I hope I wasn't mowing any part of his property. We came to a general understanding of where the line kinda was and as long as each of us stuck to that, we were good. It worked out really, really well. They were good neighbors, too.

For Some, its Not so Easy

For some people, however, its not that simple. You may be next to a person who doesn't want you to step a millimeter onto their property, let alone mow any part of that line. But is that neighbor within their right to file charges against you for mowing a couple of inches past the property line?

In Texas, it is Illegal to Mow a Part Your Neighbor's Yard

As absurd as that sounds, it is the case. You can actually be charged with trespassing by doing it (Texas State Law Library).

Can an Agreement be Made

The neighborly thing to do is to talk with that neighbor just like I did. If you come to a mutual understanding then everything should be just fine. You can also suggest building a fence to separate the properties. If that isn't possible, maybe either you or the neighbor plant a row of shrubs or flowers or some kind of pretty vegetation along the property line to show where one ends and the other begins.

If that neighbor is just dead set on being a horse's butt about it, then a day in court may be the only solution. I hope it doesn't come to that but it may. Keeping our property in good shape is already a big chore, don't make it a bigger headache by being a bad neighbor about it.

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